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Self Drives

Namibia is a great self drive destination. It is generally safe, has a very good road infrastructure with clear roadsigns and accurate maps. ​Fuel is fairly reliable and shopping can be done in most towns.

Self driving has a few advantages: It gives you the flexibility of travelling at you own pace, you can choose the type of travel you want, this can be camping, staying at lodges or a combination of the two. You are also free to organise your daily schedule.

​Of course Bushworx will put your itinerary together for you, and we will arrange all the accomodation and carhire. ​

When you book with us you will get a detailed description of your day to day itinerary. We will provide you with information of the best routes to drive, the nicest places to stop for lunch, the best places to go for your sightseeing and many extra tips and tricks to make your holiday a memorable and carefree one. Also, we will provide you with road safety tips and campingtips in order for you to get the most out of your holiday.

Please contact us to help us plan your next holiday!

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