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Bushworx Tours

There are different ways to experience the beauty and magic of Namibia. If you decide to join us on a guided tour, you can choose to camp, to stay at lodges or a combination of  the two.

​If you rather travel on your own then a self-drive tour is the thing for you. It has the advantage that you can travel at your own pace although we don't recommend you travel to the more remote areas.

​There is also the possibility to a combination of the two. You travel the more accessible areas yourself and you join us on a convoy tour to do the more remote areas, with the safety of a guide.

For travel with children you are at the right adress. With our extensive knowledge of the country and the flora&fauna, we will be able to put an itinerary together that both you and your children will enjoy and at the same time make it a learning experience for them.


If you want to plan a family trip with children and grand children or want to take your management team on an incentive, talk to us! We can arrange minibuses and we are licensed to drive up to 40 seater buses. So even with a big group you can be assured of our own personalised Bushworx service.

In the hot summer months (dec-april), we also offer fishing trips on the coast, Or if you prefer to do some freshwater fishing, a tigerfishing trip on the Zambezi can be arranged in springtime (sep-nov).

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